President Joe Biden shows true statesmanship in the Israel-Palestine conflict

The Conservative Libertarian Society is both a friend of Israel and a friend of Palestinians but does consider Hamas to be a suicidal terrorist unit using all kinds of atrocious means of waging a war against Israel, Israel has responded in the only way it could towards its neighbours as it is a matter of the survival of the Jewish State that any reasonable person would wish to extend his or her support to. 

The war has entered its seventh week and Israel has made significant progress into bringing the terrorists to its knees. It is not a question of collective punishment that Israel has inflicted on the citizens of Gaza but strategically the collateral damage of 12000 civilians killed so far in Gaza with the suffering of the population must come to an end sooner or later, the sooner the better.

This is why we as a society applaud the President of the United States of America in putting forward his timely intervention towards a just solution to the conflict:

Hamas must surrender and release the hostages taken from Israel to bring the war to an end before meaningful dialogue can begin in the region. From the Palestinians point of view Hamas must cease to exist as the governing body of Gaza unless it modifies its charter to wipe Israel off the map. 

The Jewish people must be supported in Israel and world wide for culturally it is a fine religious tradition from what the Conservative Libertarian Society has studied. What Israel has done in Gaza can in no way be equated to the Holocaust in Europe that killed 6 million Jews. This has been a State fighting to preserve itself in self-defence. 

President Joe Biden is a very good person and vastly experienced American. We feel sure that in his capable hands with another 4 year term as President he will bring Israel and Palestine together into a two-state solution to the age-old conflict.

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