‘A Conception of Reality’ (ISBN Codes Print/eBook 978-1-914288-19-7/978-1-914288-32-6): This Book is part of the Reality that the author arrived at in terms of our existence as human beings on this Planet Earth and the certainty realised by the Author that Creation is an Entity unfolded by God Sri Krishna who is available to satya-advaita yogis to go through the process of consulting Him as Sadhguru and getting to find out what is expected of a human being if he is to live to ‘ananda’ and peace of mind as his sole preoccupation. The author provides the ideas and incidents that allured him to delve into the structure of Reality. He describes the evolution of the determination of his conception of reality that the universe functions in and outlines its applications in the daily life of living beings.

'Navigating the State of the United Kingdom' (ISBN Codes  Print/eBook 978-1-914288-21-0/978-1-914288-33-3): This Book describes the application of the Conception of Reality uncovered by the author in that the vyvaharika mode (the living Reality) consists of guna-consciousness in sattvic, rajasic and tamasic attributes that explains the interactions between all living beings on the planet and the way to live is to navigate oneself through this complexity to arrive at the destination of liberty and peace of mind that generates ‘ananda’. The Book elaborates this by describing the author’s personal experiences of living his life within the Constitution of the United Kingdom. The book details the experiences of the author in navigating Nature that he describes as being Brahma-Nature generating interactions through which living beings have to chart their way towards survival and prosperity in liberty.

‘Searching for Mental Health Services' (ISBN Codes 9Print/eBook 78-1-914288-23-4/978-1-914288-34-0): This Book describes the fact that the body is not important, and it is the mind is the most important thing about our living reality and mental health is therefore crucial to the development of a person so that he is no longer in paranoia with paranoid schizophrenic and in persistent delusional disorders of the mind. The author describes his relationships with the United Kingdom’s Mental Health and legal Institutions in detail having investigated his mental states over time by subjecting it to psychiatric scrutiny and through the due process of the professional scrutiny in accordance with the rules and laws of the United Kingdom. Thus, the book describes the examination of the author's mental states and its assessment by the medical and psychiatric institutions of the State of the United Kingdom with its monitoring by the civil court.

'Karma in Sanatan Dharma' (ISBN Codes Print/eBook 978-1-914288-26-5/978-1-914288-35-7): This Book describes the conception of the eternal law of the vyavarika reality in that one charts needs to chart one’s future nonchalantly, spontaneously and unpremeditatedly each moment of the day without aims, objectives, missions, anticipations, expectations, desires, and relinquishing all other attachments including ones ego to do ones work or actions as karma in sanatan dharma, the idea being that if in this manner the person finds his destiny in accordance with the perception that one is accepting the Reality that one faces, one is surrendering to Sri Krishna and thereby conducting santan dharma that is the basis of Hinduism, for that is realised from the proof finally that Dharma Rakshati Rakshita and Satyamev Jayate. The author provides the religious/spiritual framework for actions that are necessarily applications within the Conception of Reality enunciated by the author.

'The Preliminaries of an Allurement of Reality' (ISBN Codes Print/eBook 978-1-914288-27-2/978-1-914288-36-4): This book details the preliminary sparks of awakening-led research conducted by the author to discover the hidden secrets of the universe and details the interactions of Humanology that he undertook to finalise his Realisation of God being the Supreme Power, a God that he named as being Sri Krishna/Durga that one is at one with as a mahatman-purushottama when the Realisation is complete. This is advaita. This book provides the challenges the author faced in search for the truth that was the result of the allurement of reality that the author experienced in 1997-1998 from visions and utterances while in employment that led him to abandon his scientific career in search of higher goals from the ‘noddy’ work of mundane materialistic experimentations. The preliminary data is explained in two Volumes totalling 1134 pages of the Book. The Book provides the evidence upon which the Conception of Reality was realised and enunciated by the author.

'The Climate Change Phenomenon' (ISBN Codes Print/eBook 978-1-914288-28-9/978-1-914288-37-1) : This Book is the result of what the work of the author was summarised into in terms of the Environmental impact of human activities and how we humans must sort ourselves out to live to conserve, preserve and harmonise with all components of Nature in a wholesome and holistic approach before the catastrophe of widespread destruction of the Planet takes place. The phenomenon described incorporates all human activities including the religious basis of human conduct that is argued to be at the root cause of the problems that the inhabitants of the planet face in the present era.

‘Maryada Purushottama Bhagwan Ram’ (ISBN Codes Print/eBook 978-1-914288-31-9/978-1-914288-38-8): This book describes the realisation of the author that the ideal human being is one who lives his life in accordance with the ancient values and principles of Ram who we Hindus or at least some of us regard as Bhagwan or God in incarnation; and this is the aspiration of all Vishista-advaita Vedantists who live fully in Creation immersing themselves into this vyvaharika Reality, whilst accepting that in the absolute Reality (the paramarthika) the experienced universe being an illusion such that only God exists in unmanifest form in that Reality. The eternal incarnation of Supreme God Sri Krishna as Ram and of Durga as Sita is concluded in that Sri Krishna and Durga are the male and female aspects of the same Supreme God and are incarnated in humanity by Ram and Sita respectively as two sides of the same coin. When Ram-divine and Sita-divine marry they have a Ramayana epic of a life together.