The Conservative Libertarian Society and its relationship to the United Nations Security Council

Dear Colleagues


Over the past three months since I formulated my Society to be a philanthropic society in following the leads that I set myself from the time 10 years ago that I first indulged myself into seeking knowledge, and created my Wordpress Blog 'Towards Knowledge for World Conservation' at and the rest is history that has come to the present day construction of this website, I wish to make it crystal clear that we are subject to the laws, national and international, monitored and administered by the present Constitution of the Security Council of the United Nations, and its five permanent members and will persevere to stay within the jurisdiction of this authority over all our actions and proclamations. We respect the status quo of the organisation, notwithstanding the reservations that the Founder of the Society had expressed in the past as reflected upon this moment to have been delusional, but it was in my defence conducted in faith that I was a truth-seeker, and that process has continued till this day as I chart my next moment forwards.


So if any person or institution in the world has read anything that I had written in the past in the following websites and publications, or having accused others of misdeeds, misdemeanours and criminal activities in our vision to persevere towards the preservation of Nature, as the conscience of the Founder of the Society still focuses on for his day-to-day activities, even moment-by-moment activities, I apologise for the harm this has done unreservedly, even the hurt to the feelings of would-be innocent people across the world from my utterances and writings.



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 I am now committed not to use even the vile verbal and written expressions born of frustrations in the past when I accused especially indeed of Ireland and Experteer of Germany n terms, like 'Saale madarchod, bhosadiwale, suar ke bacche, pig-shit wankers and phirangi bastards and criminals'. It will never ever be uttered  again in the future as I have now fine-tuned by religion of Vaishnavism and take 'ahimsa' to be totally-nonviolent, so that even protesting against the status quo to express one's rejection of other people's ideas that are imposed on us, and being non-cooperative in 'Elective Mutism' mode that I have expressed earlier, is against the preservation of Creation that I am preaching to the world effectively: the status quo is sacrosanct, in other words. Let each person, each institution, each government, and their Law Enforcement authorities take their actions. May God give them the wisdom to take the right decisions to chart the way forwards to their futures.


In this respect, I offer my regrets for misjudging former President of the United States of America Barack Obama and previously George Bush for their interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan, following the 9/11 massacre in the Twin Towers at New York and the destruction of the buildings of great architecture and usage.


In conclusion, please let us know how we are going wrong by immediate correspondence through appropriate channels from President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, so that we can amend our outlook if it has not still acted in actions of not disrupting the status quo, our primary objective in the religion that we practice.


Thank you very much for your patience and forebearance: I wished to put the record straight with this unreserved apology to anything I wrote in calling the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and China as representing the modern-day Tripartite Axes of Evil, in my Brahmanism mode of doing the service of 'Sanatan Dharma' in somewhat Hindutva Jihadism bordering on taking revenge and risking martyrdom in the process, which were all delusional thoughts expressed in the past: I wish to live, in as much liberty and as few restrictions upon myself to enjoy my freedom and independence to express my joys from the witnessing of the manifestations of Creation, God-given Creation, and so acquiesce to the Special Relationship that the United Kingdom has had with the United States of America for generations. It remains a hope of the Conservative Libertarian Society to see the day when China will join fully into such a global vision of special relationships with the rest of the world, notwithstanding its atheistic base: let us see. I am doubtful to some degree because chalk and cheese cannot be mixed, the analogy being referred to is atheism versus theism.


Yours sincerely


Dr Shantanu Panigrahi



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