The New Vision for the future direction of the United States of America

America under Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Post the Capital Hill riot and the departure of the former President Trump from the White House, we in the Conservative Libertarian Society look forward to working with the new Administration led by the new President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. We are positive that the new administration witl take aboard our concerns for the welfare of the people of America in accordance with the reservations expressed by the Founder of our Movement and the President of the Society, Dr Shantanu Panigrahi, resident as he is in the United Kingdom. His observations on the American political institutions within the Federal structure of the United States of America is of course a very complex issue, and we do hope that the Constitution that is unaltered thus far through Amendments following the second impeachment process to which the former President Trump was indicted but not convicted in accordance with the procedures of Congress, that we as neutral observers expressed in our website: in a purely journalistic manner, for we are non-judgemental on how different democracies arrange their Constitutions (written or unwritten) will play some part in the deliberations to follow.

Notwithstanding, we as a philanthropic society, serving mankind through knowledge accumulation and dissemination, remain committed to the cause of Conservative Libertarianism, for we feel that the entire Planet should move in this direction if we are balance our human needs in relation to the limitations and restrictions of the environment, including the human environment in its considerable diversity across the planet; the diversity being in the mental-sphere of considerations entirely.

We subscribe to the philosophy of Vishista Advaita Vedanta that the Founder has elaborated through his satya-advaitic yogic studies of Humanology, and enunciated in our website: with the evidence contained in the website Shantanu's Humanology here:

This Blog post is just an introductory statement from the current President of the Conservative Libertarian Society, and it is at an opportune moment too, now that the dust has settled in more ways than one, so that we as colleagues in humanity can move forwards with optimism and vigour to meet the future challenges within the United States of America and in terms of its wider global commitments and interactions both of which we should be monitoring with alertness and in full awareness for our critical scrutiny, if I might be so bold as to indulge in this proposition; for they say that when America sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold. And so we do wish to see stability and positivity therefore in the nation.

I, as President of the Society, have not ever visited the United States of America, but during the formative years of my search for the truth had contacted the American Embassy in London to find out if I could come to America as a Pilgrim Father. That hope has not yet materialized. I hope for better luck next time.

All that remains for me is to say God bless America and God bless the American troops both domestic and overseas.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi, 3 Hoath Lane, Wigmore, Gillingham, Kent ME8 0SL, United Kingdom, Tel: 07967789619





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