The Trials of former President Donald Trump

The Conservative Libertarian Party of the USA's view

We believe that Donald Trump had the priorities of the United States of America right during his presidency of the nation: put America First resonates not just with the freedom loving Americans within the country, it should be the motto for every country in the world. Look after your own interests and bring people round to thinking that home should be where the heart is. 

Patriotism is a vital part of how ecological systems work, given the diverse natural endowments of different systems of the world from resources to feed one's family and develop one's own culture in accordance with the talents and languages of one's people.

Globalisation is wrong: it makes for lethargy, making unsustainable failed states dependent on humanitarian aid through the fostering of environmentally unsustainable customs that come from religion. 

Every country should look within and adjust their management of the nation in accordance with secularistic outlook that places emphasis on the realities of how to survive within one's country. There should be zero tolerance of those nations who cannot adjust to the environmental imperatives that limit their particular population growth because they carry the baggage of religion. 

President Trump avoided wars that were none of the business of Americans, as the current liberals in the Democratic Party engenders with billions of taxpayers dollars of Americans spent so far on supporting a pointless idea of NATO expansion to see the resurgence of cold war against Russia and seemingly on the trajectory of animosity against China.

So the Biden administration has through secretive operations decided that Donald Trump should be obliterated from holding public office again by hook or by crook with indictments against the former President. They know that Donald Trump is very popular whether or not the last election was stolen from him as he had stated. 

The Conservative Libertarian Party of the USA considers that former Presidents cannot be charged with Espionage while they hold office as the Commander in Chief of the United States of America. It is clear to us that there has been behind the scenes and systematic attempts to destroy Donald Trump's reputation within Americal and in the rest of the world.

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