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Communal Worship and Gospel Singing are Good Things

In the old days when I used to love listening to gospel music from American evangelists societies in its various forms, I took it to be a cross-religious expression of devotion to God for we Hindus also sang bhajans and endeared God through musical constructions for the spirituality it brought to the soul.

Then for one reason or another, with the difficulties I faced in coping with life in the western country of the United Kingdom, I became very reclusive and felt that God was not to be worshipped through chanting hymns and bhajans and gospel singing, for the meaning of life was to do duties and righteous actions.

This morning I have returned to the old frame of mind, and said that they are both equally important aspects of spirituality and my religion of Vaishnavism looks at worship with equal importance to what we do to preserve Nature that we are actively pursuing politically, inĀ  my case through the creation of The Conservative Libertarian Society with offices in the United Kingdom and in the United States of America (only online of course).

So I have taken the step of getting approval for this vision here:

I keep myself to myself and see whether this bud will turn into full bloom in the course of time.

Shantanu Panigrahi