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Condolences and Commemorational Tribute to the Victims of 9/11 atrocity

Shantanu Panigrahi

Condolences and Sombre Commemoration from the Conservative Libertarian Society on atrocity of 9/11


Shantanu Panigrahi

11 September 2021


I wish to express my heartfelt condolences and sympathy to all the bereaved Americans, not just who died on the calamitous day of 9/11 Twin Towers terroristic event that has marked the modern era, but with all that followed in Afghanistan and Iraq with the thousands of Americans who have suffered since.

May God give President Biden and the American people the wisdom to bring this chapter to a closure and look forward to a new world order where terrorism in all its forms can be kept under close check with the scientific and military technologies that minimise civilian casualties.

Coming out of Afghanistan on a clean break on August 31st allows the dust to settle both in the country of Afghanistan and in the United States of America, so that evolutionary pressures emanate to chart the future direction of both the countries in accordance with their endowments both financial and moral.  We in the Society are as always non-judgmental on all such issues and hope to contribute our knowledge and wisdom towards harmony in Nature, conserving and preserving the Planet Earth and its inhabitants both human and in biodiversity terms.

I know it is a going to be a time for soul-searching in the United States of America on this day, but we do hope for truth and reconciliation to take place across the board of humanity through examining ground realities on how to make for a better world than the one we have inherited.

Human conflicts shift the focus from the Climate Change Agenda but the two should be linked inextricably for they are interdependent in the perception of the Society. Unless people get food to eat, and all the basic necessities of life, they cannot fight religious or nationalistic wars. We hope that the World Order that we envisage will put an onus on all the countries of the world to first and foremost have the responsibility to be able to feed their populations without outside financial and humanitarian help to prop up such failed regimes. It is in no-one's interest that regions of the world that are ecologically unsustainable in terms  of the human carrying capacity of the land and water continue to be inhabited on a massive scale for it puts pressures elsewhere in the global ecosystem to generate resources to feed the populations of those areas, and that is unsustainable without catastrophic Climate Change repercussions.

So let us have a debate about all these matters openly and transparently.