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Good evening folks, I love America

May I express how I used to be glued to the television set during the 1970s watching countless (hundreds) of films from America as a boy in the United Kingdom, with very fond memories of the great stars like Frank Sinatra Fred Astaire, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and less celebrated but nontheless important actors in films that for me were defining the culture of the American people in the series especially of The Waltons, Gone with the Wind, Spartacus, The Wild Wild West, Calamity Jane, and also within the Disney cartoons, the television series such as Shaft, Kojak, Hawaii Five, Taxi, etc.. all of which had developed my knowledge of the culture of the United States, and which was strengthened when I fell in love with Country and Western music, in stars like Dolly Parton (Joeleen), songs like 'Mississippi', Bread (which was the first album that I acquired with my  record player) and then the great impact on my life of Soul and Disco music from numerous African-American bands like Michael Jackson of the Jackson Five, Earth Wind and Fire, Kool and the Gang, Donna Summer, Brass Construction, George Benson, Issac Hayes, Blackbyrds, BT Express, Bootsy, the Fatback Band, James Brown, and others that are too numerous to recall here, but also soloists like Madonna, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, and now Adrianna Grande and others. I watch and listen to these whenever I feel the need to relax.

Those formative years are always in my mind and sometimes I refer to them in the course of my social media journalism, that can be accessed as follows:


(a) Scientific Journal Papers












I dearly wish to interact socially with an American audience, and should anyone feel like doing so I have created this Forum that I hope will be seen as an open invitation to do so here.

We in the rest of the world owe a considerable amount of gratitude to the United States of America, not just in its influence in science and technology, but in its cultural base that is sometimes seemingly referred to the 'American Dream'. We share that dream in the Conservative Libertarian Society, as a beacon that I have learnt from from the years of struggle to get to terms with myself as a human being.

How about it, Americans or all colours and sizes? - we are not judgemental and treat all humanity as a Single 'family'.

Shantanu Panigrahi